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The Kongversation: Talk Like a Pirate Day 2020


First broadcast earlier today on Twitch, our annual Talk Like a Pirate Day Kongversation ends the summer by ranking the top 10 pirates across the entire Donkey Kong Universe!

The Kongversation Mini: Donkey Kong Jr. in Mario Kart Tour?


Once upon a time, Nintendo bringing back "Donkey Kong Jr." to Mario Kart would have broken DK Vine in half. No longer. Because the way they've done it for Mario Kart Tour is not only respectful of continuity, but it validates our understanding of it. All is explained on a new Kongversation Mini!


September 23rd will be Kroc Like a Pirate Day.

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Routine trademark renewals are one thing, but let's read the banana leaves.

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The Kongversation: The Banjo-Kazooie Iceberg (?)


A frozen mass of Banjo-Kazooie trivia, obscure knowledge, and hoaxes awaits you on the new Kongversation!


Don't tease me like this, Microsoft. When's the mid-priced Xbox Series E coming so I can release?

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Continuity bullets dodged and augmented reality toys dislodged.

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The long-awaited "spiritual successor" to release next week.

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David Wise and Kev Bayliss make monkeys out of themselves with their new company.

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The Kongversation: Battletoads First Impressions


So what does DK Vine think of the new Battletoads? Spoilers for Act One, along with the game's Donkey Kong Universe ramifications!

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