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Is your gleeful mania over Smash's release now tempered without a place to talk about it? You're welcome.

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The Kongversation: We Need To Talk About Banjo-Threeie


For indulging in our continual Sea of Thieves gushing on the last episode, here's your promised "Banjo-Threeie" episode of the Kongversation! The only thing gushing on this one is a quick Boggy masturbation quip.

The Kongversation - Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores First Impressions


Jeff and I talk about the third major content update for Sea of Thieves, Forsaken Shores! Now, now. Don't go erupting YOUR volcano. You've got to last all two hours!

The Kongversation: Grinched


Hey, remember when Banjo-Kazooie, Geno, the Chorus Kids, and some others were revealed to be in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate through a leaker at a French printing company? Yeah, it turned out to be fake. There was real Smash news though, what with one last Direct before the game's release next month. What did we think of the reveals?

The Kongversation: The Puppet Master


SEX. Now that I have your attention... BOO! It's Halloween, and famed puppet maker Grunt is stopping by the Kongversation to discuss the villains of the Donkey Kong Universe, the puppets of the villains of the Donkey Kong Universe, and the thrill of a certain villain that was recently announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Hey now! Just because Isabelle steals pills from her grandmother's purse, it doesn't make her a "villain"...

The Kongversation: Super Mario Party First Impressions


Mario Party. Outside of maybe Donkey Konga, no franchise has had quite the stigma here on DK Vine over the years. But will the Switch's Super Mario Party see us reevaluating our opinions on the never-ending video board game story?

Nintendo fans are up in arms about the latest Smash Bros. revelations emerging after a disgruntled former employee snapped remarkable images of the full cast - with staggering DKU surprises.

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The Kongversation - Interview: D.M. Cumbo of Yooka-Laylee and the Kracklestone


Cameron and I sit down with D.M. Cumbo, creator of "Yooka-Laylee and the Kracklestone" for a brand new episode of the Kongversation!


Regular visitors to the site (all four of you) might've noticed the Features section looking a little spartan when we first rolled out our latest wonky site layout. Well then, you lot (you four)! Look at it now! Everything from 2011-ish onward has now been reinstated!

YES, this does definitely count as an "update", thanks for asking.

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The Kongversation: Brawlout First Impressions


Brawlout with your small out! Yooka and Laylee have been added to the indie Smash "tribute", so the Kongversation mulls over its pros and cons. One pro? Its storyline is insane and completely submissive to the whims of the Donkey Kong Universe. If only every Cameo Game could be this accommodating!

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