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DKU Honourable Mentions is Back!


After a long stint of incompetent background tinkering we've restored 's breathtakingly comprehensive DKU Honourable Mentions section to the main site! SURF ON OVER and browse through all the Could've Beens and Never Weres of the DKU once more.

There's also a couple of new bits in there (technically written about two years ago, but NEW FOR US) and we'll be gradually adding to it as we go. Honourable mentioning is an INESCAPABLE TREADMILL.

The Sabreman Can!

...get Honourably Mentioned, that is! Hey, so check out Milo's latest Honourable Mentions write-ups on the Sabreman series! It's a biggie for Banjo-Tooie fans confused as to what this website thinks it's playing at by not mentioning 'em. Consider yourselves duly HONOURED, confused Banjo-Tooie fans!

More Mentions, Your Honour?

Alright, alright, put your funny judge's wig and novelty mallet down, I don't want a repeat of last week. DO do this, though: lookie here! Milo's pulled another belter with our DKU Honourable Mentions coverage, tackling the Star Fox Dinosaur Planet precursors! It's probably the most exciting Star Fox-related thing to happen all month!

DKU Honourable Mentions!

Well, here it is at last! From the mind-brain of tasty DK Vine contributor, forum stalwart and scholarly gentleperson Milo comes this: DKU Honourable Mentions, an all-new section of DK Vine (pretty much) in which he singlehandedly PROVES that DK Vine doesn't hate the arcade games after all. And that what we REALLY like in lists. Lookit! It's genuinely brills!

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