DK Vine Gallery - Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

A. Eye
Invisible keyboard solo!

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Ba-Boom Kong the Ninja Mandrill ba-boom_kong_02 bashmaster_bear_01 bashmaster_bear_02 big_top_02 big_top_bop_seal_01

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cranky_kong_08 diddy_kong_16 dixie_kong_06 dkctf_boxart_front
That rope is actually part of Cranky Kong's anatomy. There's a prize for anyone who guesses which part.

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donkey_kong_36 Fugu the Blowfish fugu_02 funky_kong_08 group_dkctf_01 group_dkctf_02 logo_dkctf_en lord_fredrik_02 skowl_00 snaggles_01 snomad_chieftan_01 tim_01
Facebook profile picture.

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viking_longboat_01 viking_penguin_01 viking_penguin_02 viking_walrus_01